Celebrate good times. Cmon!

Today is the last day of my 8 week boot camp transformation program, and I’m going to do something special for dinner tonight. Based on a certain local grocery store’s sale ad this week, I have obtained 4 veal t-bones for a very reasonable price, $8.00/lb, which is at least half what they normal cost. I’m thinking maybe a saltimbocca with a pan sauce over the top but I haven’t committed. I also bought something I haven’t seen before in store, white balsamic cured capers. I’m very excited about this find. Along with the veal, I’m making some turnip greens, with a little smoked turkey leg for flavor. Also some pan roasted turnips to sprinkle on top of the greens. Right now it seems to be a staple of many meals because they are in season, roasted eggplant. Perhaps a fruit salad if I’m feeling crazy. That’s what I’m having to celebrate. But also to remain very close to my allotted caloric intake. So what would you eat tonight, if you could just go to the store and make whatever you want? Not that you can’t. Go ahead and treat yourself for once in your life. Oh and tell us all about.


Meal of the Week II

My apologies for the delay everyone, but I’ve got a great meal for you this week. I’ve chose a delicious home cooked dinner I had on Thursday evening as the second Meal of the Week. This weeks meal consisted of grilled lamb chops marinated in olive oil, salt & pepper, and garlic, fried squash blossoms, fried eggplant with garlic and parsley, a wonderful caprese salad with fresh basil, and to finish, fresh strawberries with aged balsamico.

Lamb Chop 1 Fried Eggplant

Lamb Chop 2 Zucchini Blossoms

Strawberries & Balsamic Balsamico

All of the veggies and herbs you see, apart from the strawberries, were grown right in my own garden and were harvested the same day the meal was prepared. Needless to say, everything was delicious. The lamb chops, which were flown in the day before from New York, were tender and succulent after marinating overnight. After some time on the grill, the fat was caramelized and there was a delicious crust of garlic around the edges. The squash blossoms, which have become something of a staple around the house since our squash plants have started growing like crazy, were nice and crisp and tasty as ever. What can I say about the fried eggplant, another wonderful dish that Jep makes every now and again, I could write a whole article on this dish alone…actually, maybe I will! That recipe will definitely be coming in the future but until then I’ll leave you with a tantalizing description. The eggplants are always sliced paper thin, and quickly fried in a shallow pool of olive oil. This gives them the most wonderful sweet flavor and after being sprinkled with salt and pepper, a generous helping of thinly sliced fresh garlic and a couple sprigs of freshly picked parsley, you’re in business! I could literally sit and eat this all day, but I digress…the caprese salad was fresh and crisp as it should be. We paired our homegrown tomatoes and basil with some organic bufala mozzarella, a light dusting with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and aged balsamico. Having all of these amazing components made for a fantastic meal, luckily there was extra eggplant waiting in the kitchen to be devoured immediately. For dessert, we sprung for some fresh cut strawberries and a nice dousing of the aged balsamico, I know, everyone thinks that sounds strange at first, but I promise, high quality balsamic vinegar and fresh strawberries are a match made in God’s kitchen. Not to be forgotten, was the wine, we enjoyed a bottle of 2006 Justin Isoceles, and of course polished it off. See you next week!





Not too late

You still have some time to recall your favorite meal over the past week. Email your description to loganlikesjelly@yahoo.com or toromaniac@hotmail.com
you don’t need to add pictures but they are more than welcome

Great white confussion

What’s the deal with all the white nerdy guy chefs being lured into cooking really complex, authentic and amazing Mexican cuisine? You’ve got Rick Bayless, Bobby Flay, and then I see another one on my lunch break on public television, the so called professor of grilling named stevan raichlen, is going gonzo on the Mexican food. Is it not a strange phenomenon? Maybe it’s because they like saying words like chipotle, cilantro, cumin, jalepeno, oaxacan, poblano, lengua, carnitas, arepa, sopapilla, and of course mole! Maybe cause it rules!! What’s your favorite crazy mexican food related word?


Today at the Market

Some of you might know Celebration Florida as the little village where Andy and Angela from the Office wanted to move after they got married. It seems pretty Truman showesque as you drive down the main streets. However the town breaks out on sunday as local merchants sell an array of goodies from fresh caught Seafood, Breads,Brittish meat pies, Honey,French pastries, homemade pasta and sauce, and of course Produce. Thats why my wife and I try to go as many Sundays as possible. Ive already said this once before but its always true when i say that buying from a produce stand or a farmers market yields many advantages. First Its cheaper. And that is so important nowadays. Also, you are supporting your neighbor and getting something that actually tastes better in my opinion. I just wanted to share a few pictures of the Produce available today. As well as what became of some it. If you feel inspired to do the same and what to share some pictures email either me Loganlikesjelly@yahoo.com or Toromaniac@hotmail.com and get your camera ready for next week. See ya



Thanks so much

Hi there! Well it’s raining so bad that I can’t get any work done. So I thought I’d take a few free moments to thank all of the readers who gave this little food blog a try over it’s first week of existence. We hope you keep coming back, because we will keep providing you something new and exciting to read regarding the world of cuisine. And for all those who have posted, and shared a little bit of your food life with all of us, extra thanks to you. In the very near future Jimmy and I will be putting up some fun stories about the great restaurants we’ve eaten at, and some of the fabulous meals we’ve devoured. Stay tuned for more recipes. I’ve got something really special to share with everyone that means a lot to me regarding my culinary education, I hope you all enjoy. See you real soon.


The nose knows

I just got home from a great chinese dinner at a local hole in the wall, and I realized something after years of going to chinese joints. I LOVE the way my clothes smell afterwards. It’s like walking into the kitchen and smelling the fresh ginger, and scallions sizzling in a small pool of sesame oil, and then the pork and rice hit and it’s all over, I might as well be having seconds. Just wanted to share my little mini-epiphany with you all. Smell your shirt next time you get home from a great chinese meal, you’ll see what I mean.


Gastroholic’s Anonymous

I LOVE Orangina. Anyone who knows me, is aware of this. But love isn’t even enough to describe the way I feel towards this wonderfully effervescent beverage. At one point in my life, I was borderline dependent on Orangina. I’ve cut back since then, but my attachment to this drink will never fade. I bring this up because Logan and I were discussing food addictions, not to be mistaken for one who is addicted to food in general, but one who is so entranced by one single food or drink that they can’t help but indulge in it, whatever it is, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Why do some people get so attached to certain foods? Is it genetic? Is there some additive in the food which makes us slave to it? Just to give you a little insight into my past addiction, I used to drink two liters of Orangina, EVERY DAY!


Doing the math, that equates to 14 liters of Orangina a week, 56 liters a month, 672 liters a year. Looking back now, I think I may have come close to reaching 672 bottles. I had drank enough 1 ltr. bottles of Orangina to line them up around my kitchen twice! One would think I would’ve gotten sick of it quickly, but there is just something about it that I couldn’t stay away from. When I shook up that bottle, fresh from the fridge, twisted off the cap, and placed it to my lips, the sensation of soft fizzing bubbles dancing on my tongue was sheer bliss. It sounds crazy I know, but I firmly believe that that first sip of Orangina, with it’s orange rind textured bottle, was to me what that next hit of heroine is to a junkie. That illustration may be strong, but that was the hold Orangina had on me for a few years in high school and college. These days, my love for Orangina hasn’t diminished in the least, I just realized the need for balance (although I still buy a bottle at every gas station or deli I can find it at). So why was Orangina such a strong force in my life? It may be the fact that I’ve grown up with it. Since I can remember my family and I have been drinking it. Before I was a year old, we moved to Luxembourg, and I think that is when I started drinking Orangina, seeing as we were just a stones throw from France.

I have noticed though, other people who are wildly loyal to Orangina. You don’t really see this kind of devotion to Sprite or Pepsi where people genuinely love the culture and history behind their favorite drink. Orangina drinkers take their beverage of choice very seriously. If an establishment doesn’t carry Orangina and tries to swap it for San Pelligrino’s Aranciata, or even worse Fanta, that is an outrage, like they think the two drinks are interchangeable like Coke and Pepsi. No, Orangina is not just another soda, it has a personality, a flavor all it’s own, many have copied, but there is only one. But I digress, what we’re interested in finding out, is your past or present food addictions. Of course, they don’t need to be as extreme as the example I’ve just shared, it can be any food or drink that captured your undivided attention for some period of time. Oh and by the way, I highly suggest everyone who has never tried Orangina, to get moving and find some! On the east coast it can be found in some Whole Food’s, Publix’s, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market’s, as well as many gas stations, deli’s and bodega’s up north. Happy hunting!


Top 5 food movies

Just got back from Julie and Julia, which by the way was absolutely fabulous. I propose a top 5 food movie discussion. I was inspired by the movie and one of my favorite podcasts, Filmspotting. Please join in the fun and give us your favorite films that deal with food. Whether it be a complete ode to gastronomy, or just a scene that defines the movie. Be creative and have some fun with it. Just give it a shot. Here’s mine,
babette5.Babette’s Feast. Great movie about a woman that repays two old ladies for letting her live with them with an extravagant meal.
julie and julia4.Julie and Julia. The scenes with Meryl Streep are pure enjoyment. It’s just a shame that they only make up half the movie. After getting out of the movie my stomach was growling. Before the movie i was in a mood. Now im happy as a clam.
killing flies3. I Like Killing Flies. Documentary about a family running a diner in Manhattan that have to deal with moving to a new location after over 30 years.
ratatouille 12.Ratatouille. Everyone has seen this movie. no need for explanation. But the scene where the critic is transported back to his childhood is such a great feeling.
big night1. Big Night. Another movie featuring Stanley Tucci. (see Julie and Julia) This is a story of two Italian brothers in the 1950’s trying to figure out whether it’s more important to please the customer or to stay true to the authenticity of their cuisine. The future of the restaurant is at stake when Louis Prima is scheduled to make a guest visit. From start to finish, your mouth will water.

now lets see yours. bon appetit!!