What I’m eating now.

There came a point about a month ago when I was getting out of control. I ate everything without thinking about what it would do to me. I needed to lose some weight and eat better food. Now, this doesnt mean I won’t be eating what I like and sharing it with you people as much as I can. But I have to include more raw fruits and vegetables into my diet as a change to my habits. The question for all those who want to participate is this; What fruits and vegetables do you have available in your markets and produce stands? I live in central florida and have been noticing a lot of great stone fruits of all kinds. plums, peaches, and nectarines galore. as well as great blueberries, mango, dragonfruit, and gooseberries. so what looks good to you?029

7 thoughts on “What I’m eating now.

  1. Unfortunately, our neighborhood produce stand just closed down. They had a great variety – all locally grown product – and it’s such a shame to see them go under. I think if people took the time to learn about the produce they see in large grocer chains they’d do everything in their power to avoid it. Looks like I’m going to be logging some crazy miles whenever I have a produce need.

    • That’s terrible to hear. People need to realize that they can save alot of money,get better product, and help their neighbor all at the same time. I suppose it’s all a matter of convience. I’m guilty of buying from grocery stores myself. but I try any chance I can to help the local growers. I was just thinking about how much I paid last time I went to a stand. It was around 8 bucks for 2 big bags
      of stuff. And I compared it to a store and I believe the same items would have cost around 30$

  2. Better than a produce stand, today I am consuming Hot Doug’s. Smoked Shrimp and Pork Sausage with Cajun Remoulade and Goat Cheese with some duck fat fries =]

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