Chain RestauRANT

Had a disagreement with a few of my friends regarding chain restaurants. One of my friends seemed offended by my hatred for such establishments. We debated over the quality of two national chains. I have been to both, but have marked both off my list a long time ago over a long list of grievances. One being served raw proteins as well as the always popular horrible service issue. I’d like some feedback regarding two things. One: Why would anyone want to visit a chain when for the most part the food is brought in frozen and ready to be re-heated? There are great independent places around every corner. Two: Do I have the right to voice a strong opinion as to where and why they shouldn’t eat at a particular restaurant? Or, should I say nothing if it’s not positive?


14 thoughts on “Chain RestauRANT

  1. lmao but better than winners circle right!?!? convenience of a chain restaurant menu is easier when dining with someone like ur mother-in-law.

    • Well, first off winners circle has the best wings in town. But anyone can argue that with me. Second, I can’t speak for all dinners with mothers in law but I respect your point. However, I must ask you what’s so conveinent about this particular chain? Isn’t it like 15 minutes away? Champs is so much closer. Their wings rule, and they have cordon bleu fries. Cordon bleu fries!!

  2. Winners wings are frozen just like the rest of them!! which blow ur frozen food point out of the water. convenience also come into effect in the business world where i give a choice of a local chain or a wonderful local restaurant and 95% of the time they go with the chain, even the extremely large company’s.

    • Do you know that for a fact? If you do, how did you find that out? I’m going to do some fact checking and ask the manager about that.

    • I don’t understand the last part of your statement. Are you talking about taking your clients out to lunch? Because if that’s what you mean then i get it.

    • So is Nobu and Il Milino, but that’s not what we’re talking about here, the “chains” we’re referring to are the ones where you find 4 or 5 in one city. You’re not going to find 4 Nobu’s in one city, as sweet as that would be.

  3. Speaking of local little dives, I have a new guilty pleasure. This should appeal to all cheesecake lovers! I CAN NOT drive by this little Mexican bakery in Bartow without stopping for a piece of cheese pie. It is ambrosia! It’s kindof funny because it’s more like cake than pie, where-as cheese cake is more like pie. And it’s also not quite as sweet. If you ever see a Mexican bakery stop in and ask for the cheese pie!

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