Top 5 food movies

Just got back from Julie and Julia, which by the way was absolutely fabulous. I propose a top 5 food movie discussion. I was inspired by the movie and one of my favorite podcasts, Filmspotting. Please join in the fun and give us your favorite films that deal with food. Whether it be a complete ode to gastronomy, or just a scene that defines the movie. Be creative and have some fun with it. Just give it a shot. Here’s mine,
babette5.Babette’s Feast. Great movie about a woman that repays two old ladies for letting her live with them with an extravagant meal.
julie and julia4.Julie and Julia. The scenes with Meryl Streep are pure enjoyment. It’s just a shame that they only make up half the movie. After getting out of the movie my stomach was growling. Before the movie i was in a mood. Now im happy as a clam.
killing flies3. I Like Killing Flies. Documentary about a family running a diner in Manhattan that have to deal with moving to a new location after over 30 years.
ratatouille 12.Ratatouille. Everyone has seen this movie. no need for explanation. But the scene where the critic is transported back to his childhood is such a great feeling.
big night1. Big Night. Another movie featuring Stanley Tucci. (see Julie and Julia) This is a story of two Italian brothers in the 1950’s trying to figure out whether it’s more important to please the customer or to stay true to the authenticity of their cuisine. The future of the restaurant is at stake when Louis Prima is scheduled to make a guest visit. From start to finish, your mouth will water.

now lets see yours. bon appetit!!


16 thoughts on “Top 5 food movies

    • Beerfest is a good one! Also Supertroopers
      has a couple great food
      related scenes even though Im not a fan of the movie as a whole

  1. Yes yes yes…I was just going to say…a good one to add would be CHOCOLAT!
    (no correlation to my previous post regarding Nutella)

    Or perhaps Tortilla Soup? Or Sweeney Todd? teehehe

  2. I like lots of movies with food in it. But one that comes to mind is “My Best Friends Wedding”.. Not that it had lots of food in it but Julia Roberts in that movie was a food critic. And of course there is always “Fried Green Tomatoes”. Yum!!

    • I forgot she was a food critic!! Good pull. I had Spanglish on my honourable mentions list because Adam sandler was a chef. As well as no reservations and pulp fiction. The great le royale with cheese scene and the dancing scene at Jack rabbit slims I think was the name of the burger joint with the 5$ milkshake. We need to do a separate article on pulp fiction actually. I’ll get right on that.


  3. oh goody! pulp fiction!
    and don’t forget the scene where the diner is getting robbed and we are introduced to the bamf wallet. 🙂

    • Ohhh wait!!! I forgot my favorite part in the movie. Bruce Willis lost his watch and he has to leave and his annoying French girlfriend says “blueberry pancakes” like 50 times. I love that scene

  4. 1. French Kiss – the cheese she indulges in and big family spread.
    2. A Walk in the Clouds – the grapes, oh the grapes
    3. Despereaux – Soup
    4. Under the Tuscan Sun
    5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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