Gastroholic’s Anonymous

I LOVE Orangina. Anyone who knows me, is aware of this. But love isn’t even enough to describe the way I feel towards this wonderfully effervescent beverage. At one point in my life, I was borderline dependent on Orangina. I’ve cut back since then, but my attachment to this drink will never fade. I bring this up because Logan and I were discussing food addictions, not to be mistaken for one who is addicted to food in general, but one who is so entranced by one single food or drink that they can’t help but indulge in it, whatever it is, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Why do some people get so attached to certain foods? Is it genetic? Is there some additive in the food which makes us slave to it? Just to give you a little insight into my past addiction, I used to drink two liters of Orangina, EVERY DAY!


Doing the math, that equates to 14 liters of Orangina a week, 56 liters a month, 672 liters a year. Looking back now, I think I may have come close to reaching 672 bottles. I had drank enough 1 ltr. bottles of Orangina to line them up around my kitchen twice! One would think I would’ve gotten sick of it quickly, but there is just something about it that I couldn’t stay away from. When I shook up that bottle, fresh from the fridge, twisted off the cap, and placed it to my lips, the sensation of soft fizzing bubbles dancing on my tongue was sheer bliss. It sounds crazy I know, but I firmly believe that that first sip of Orangina, with it’s orange rind textured bottle, was to me what that next hit of heroine is to a junkie. That illustration may be strong, but that was the hold Orangina had on me for a few years in high school and college. These days, my love for Orangina hasn’t diminished in the least, I just realized the need for balance (although I still buy a bottle at every gas station or deli I can find it at). So why was Orangina such a strong force in my life? It may be the fact that I’ve grown up with it. Since I can remember my family and I have been drinking it. Before I was a year old, we moved to Luxembourg, and I think that is when I started drinking Orangina, seeing as we were just a stones throw from France.

I have noticed though, other people who are wildly loyal to Orangina. You don’t really see this kind of devotion to Sprite or Pepsi where people genuinely love the culture and history behind their favorite drink. Orangina drinkers take their beverage of choice very seriously. If an establishment doesn’t carry Orangina and tries to swap it for San Pelligrino’s Aranciata, or even worse Fanta, that is an outrage, like they think the two drinks are interchangeable like Coke and Pepsi. No, Orangina is not just another soda, it has a personality, a flavor all it’s own, many have copied, but there is only one. But I digress, what we’re interested in finding out, is your past or present food addictions. Of course, they don’t need to be as extreme as the example I’ve just shared, it can be any food or drink that captured your undivided attention for some period of time. Oh and by the way, I highly suggest everyone who has never tried Orangina, to get moving and find some! On the east coast it can be found in some Whole Food’s, Publix’s, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market’s, as well as many gas stations, deli’s and bodega’s up north. Happy hunting!


18 thoughts on “Gastroholic’s Anonymous

  1. For a while I was a caramel macchiato addict. I would literally have to go to The coffee shop twice a day. I have since replaced my addiction with the most wonderful drink in the world. This drink, much like Lienenkugel beer, was sent down from heaven itself as a gift to mankind. The drink of which I speak has five times the antioxidents as a serving of acai. I am madly addicted to macha. And I don’t mean a starbucks green tea latte! Although that will do in a bind, I am talking about going to your local tea shop and ordering an iced macha latte. Not the sweet kind that they normally make, ask for the cooking macha, no sugar. It’s amazing! It’s almost nutty! What they do is take baby green tea leafs and crush them into powder form. Please if you’ve never tried it, YOU MUST!!!!!!

    • Next time I’m at whole foods I’m going to get you a couple of cans of itoen matcha in a can. It’s around six ounces a can but it packs a huge punch. That’s for the comments.


  2. I am a complete sushi addict. As soon as I think about having it, I’m not satiated until I have some. And curses. Now I want sushi.

  3. Orangina IS amazing! However, I quickly realized that I’d also like to feed myself instead of spending all my allotted food money on delicious drinks, so I’m no where near your addiction.

    BUUUUUUUT, I would say I’ve had a hefty addiction to Nutella throughout my life. I think it started the same way yours did: I grew up with it. My mom always made me “chocolate sandwiches” for school and the other kids thought I was weird….until they went abroad and got some of their own. (It’s as if it only exists abroad). When I was in France, I would eat one of those big jars per week. I did that for about 2 months before I realized the sugar rushes were affecting my mood. Oops. I’ve cooled off, but damn I love my Nutella.

    Cool blog, Jimmy. I look forward to more. 🙂

    • Honestly, after Orangina, there is only Nutella! I think some of the appeal may have to do with the fact that these two wonderful things are foreign, so it kind of makes you feel cool like you know about something other people don’t know about. I’m glad you mentioned Nutella, because now I’m going to go out and get some!

  4. Peanut butter pickle burgers rule the roost in White Salmon! Our local pub makes them. I cannot go any longer than 2 weeks without a fix. I’m tweaking at the moment because they have had to close the pub for some time because of a fire in the adjacent building. I’ll have to find a different gastronomic obsession if they don’t open soon.

  5. Id have to agree. The thing that makes orangina and nutella is the fact that it’s European and as intelligent Americans we want something that we can’t get everywhere. You have to search out these two items and sometimes even the place you know has them, may be out at any given time. Nobodys obsessed with fresca and peanut butter. Although my obsession doesn’t really fit into the snack or drink catagory. Whenever I go out to eat and veal is on the menu, I must order it. It’s my favorite protein and it’s so hard to get it in central Florida. I’m not talking about veal parm. I’m saying like a nice thick veal chop with a sage brown butter sauce kinda veal. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my love of the veal. But it’s food


  6. But what about Europeans? They don’t give a shit about peanut butter and it’s definitely something you have to seek out there.

    • You’re right!! They don’t care about peanut butter whatsoever. There’s nothing I can think of from Europe that contains peanut butter. Hey they got nutella. Who needs peanut butter when nutella is flowing like wine

  7. I would have to say , while in school, my salt and vinegar chips have been keeping me alive, with a a Mt. Dew to was it down. It is not the kind of food that you can eat too much of though. Your tongue will pay for it. Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper have strong followers like myself. The fountain drinks are definitely better than the bottle. Eataduck seems to have an alternative food audience at the moment but don’t ever try to replace my Dr. Pepper with Mr. Pibb or My Mt. Dew with Mello Yellow. I will know the difference! I will have to try some orangina and nutella next time I see it here in Hicksville. And next time you are here, try some Cheerwine. A lot of people love it and it is not sold everywhere.

    Thought about the foods you guys are addicted to…they are comfort to you. Especially when you say you knew them growing up. And you are more likely to return to that or have a stronger addiction like filling your kitchen with orangina bottles if you are going through a particularly stressful time in your life. School, for example.

  8. This is a really good drink you can make for your Orangina!
    One 10- Ounce bottle Orangina
    1- Ounce dark Rum
    1- Ounce Amaretto
    1/2- Ounce Grenadine

    Try this Yummy!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful drink. Unfortunately, the creators of this blog, have taken a solemn vow of sobriety. Self proclaimed straight edgers, they have sworn off all forms of intoxicants. I, on the other hand, think I’ll have two!

  10. I want some to…..I am on the side of becoming a complete alcoholic….J/k But I will drink for all my meal times..Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. Lol

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