The nose knows

I just got home from a great chinese dinner at a local hole in the wall, and I realized something after years of going to chinese joints. I LOVE the way my clothes smell afterwards. It’s like walking into the kitchen and smelling the fresh ginger, and scallions sizzling in a small pool of sesame oil, and then the pork and rice hit and it’s all over, I might as well be having seconds. Just wanted to share my little mini-epiphany with you all. Smell your shirt next time you get home from a great chinese meal, you’ll see what I mean.


3 thoughts on “The nose knows

    • eastern dragon. I honestly don’t know how much I’d trust an establishment named Men at Wok, that’s almost as bad as Wok n’ Roll!

  1. Really? I feel exactly the opposite- I try to wear all cotton to the Chinese Buffet so it’ll be easy to wash once I get home. I leave my wool coat in the car, too, so that doesn’t absorb the smell. To me, the smell is like musty oil. Maybe I’m eating at the wrong places? Interestinggggg.

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