Today at the Market

Some of you might know Celebration Florida as the little village where Andy and Angela from the Office wanted to move after they got married. It seems pretty Truman showesque as you drive down the main streets. However the town breaks out on sunday as local merchants sell an array of goodies from fresh caught Seafood, Breads,Brittish meat pies, Honey,French pastries, homemade pasta and sauce, and of course Produce. Thats why my wife and I try to go as many Sundays as possible. Ive already said this once before but its always true when i say that buying from a produce stand or a farmers market yields many advantages. First Its cheaper. And that is so important nowadays. Also, you are supporting your neighbor and getting something that actually tastes better in my opinion. I just wanted to share a few pictures of the Produce available today. As well as what became of some it. If you feel inspired to do the same and what to share some pictures email either me or and get your camera ready for next week. See ya



5 thoughts on “Today at the Market

  1. We are so excited! We have a produce stand ( an old gas station converted into a produce stand) by our new townhouse. No more store bought produce!

  2. We have a produce stand on Thursdays here in Henderson, Nevada.
    Right at the courthouse. They have all veggie’s and fruits. organic foods is the only way to go for me and my family..

  3. I had completely forgotten about that lovely little market in Celebration. I went to it a couple years ago and it was great. Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like a nice plan for this Sunday.

    • its really awesome there. sunday was slow though, usually theres at least 2 produce stands. i think it was too hot for most

  4. You ever visit Wilkesboro, NC on a Monday and you can go to the cattle sale. Big Flea Market/Animal Auction that goes on in the mornings. You can buy cheap produce and pick up a cow at the same time! Dontcha just love the country!

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