Great white confussion

What’s the deal with all the white nerdy guy chefs being lured into cooking really complex, authentic and amazing Mexican cuisine? You’ve got Rick Bayless, Bobby Flay, and then I see another one on my lunch break on public television, the so called professor of grilling named stevan raichlen, is going gonzo on the Mexican food. Is it not a strange phenomenon? Maybe it’s because they like saying words like chipotle, cilantro, cumin, jalepeno, oaxacan, poblano, lengua, carnitas, arepa, sopapilla, and of course mole! Maybe cause it rules!! What’s your favorite crazy mexican food related word?


3 thoughts on “Great white confussion

  1. It’s because they took a trip to Mexico and fell in LOVE cuz Mexican food is crazy. delicious. And WOOOOOOO Rick won Top Chef Masters! I got a dining guide to Chicago today. Holy Lord. You’ve got to come back with bags of cash so we can eat like KINGS

    • The creators of eataduck have a few special assignments for you sara. The first is to eat at either cafe babareeba, frontera grill or topolabampo and give a review of a bayless restaurant. Hopefully you can eat some corn smut andshare your thought about upscale mexican fare. The other mission will present itself in due time

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