Celebrate good times. Cmon!

Today is the last day of my 8 week boot camp transformation program, and I’m going to do something special for dinner tonight. Based on a certain local grocery store’s sale ad this week, I have obtained 4 veal t-bones for a very reasonable price, $8.00/lb, which is at least half what they normal cost. I’m thinking maybe a saltimbocca with a pan sauce over the top but I haven’t committed. I also bought something I haven’t seen before in store, white balsamic cured capers. I’m very excited about this find. Along with the veal, I’m making some turnip greens, with a little smoked turkey leg for flavor. Also some pan roasted turnips to sprinkle on top of the greens. Right now it seems to be a staple of many meals because they are in season, roasted eggplant. Perhaps a fruit salad if I’m feeling crazy. That’s what I’m having to celebrate. But also to remain very close to my allotted caloric intake. So what would you eat tonight, if you could just go to the store and make whatever you want? Not that you can’t. Go ahead and treat yourself for once in your life. Oh and tell us all about.


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