Meal of the Week

This weeks best meal comes from what I described earlier in my celebration dinner. I had my parents over for veal t-bones, covered in a sage lemon wine pan sauce, braised turnip greens w/ smoked turkey legs and and pan roasted turnip roots. also my wife made some awesome roasted eggplant and a big salad with some leftover beets and other vegetables. it was really nice being able to eat a nice piece of veal and still feel like your not eating something terrible for you. i have been cutting down on the amount of food i eat but trying not to deprive myself so that i dont go off the deep end. Not to brag but i think you can tell from the pictures, it all looks good enough to eat. speaking of that, my stomach is growling so i better feed it. i hope you enjoy a few photos. Reader meal of the week comes from josh and kristen. Thanks for some great looking food!! By the way James has some great stories to share soon about his trip to boston and some great restaurants he ate at.Our first reviews will be coming before the weeks ends. so keep checking back.

josh brings us avacado gazpachoavacado gazpacho

amy made some homemade waffles with grilled apple and peachesamyswaffle

kristen whipped up Havarti and Cheddar cheese grits with sauteed onions, tomatoes, and fresh sage045

One thought on “Meal of the Week

  1. Hi Im Logan’s mom, and I had the good fortune of tasting all these wonderful food Logan just described, and I will tell you, I was not so big on veal, but these were incredible, we enjoyed them very much, so tender!! and he seasoned them perfectly. I loved the eggplant, and Logan’s dad, never eats eggplant, but he did that night, great job Kristen, the evening was very special, and the food was awesome, thanks Logan and Kristen

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