Beewon Korean Cuisine – Orlando, FL

I’ve been off work for the past few days and been getting a mini cabin fever feeling. So my family spent the day running some errands and buying some groceries, when we starting feeling some rumblings in our. When asked what I wanted for lunch, the first thing the popped into my head was Korean BBQ! And I knew just where to go. Beewon Korean cuisine is located where most great independent restaurants are, a strip mall. Walking into the main dining area looks pretty generic. New, clean, nice, and lots of stone and dark wood, intermingled with little hints of bamboo. Some of the tables have small burners in the middle if the table.Some did not, which is odd to me. Who decides if you’re going to need the burners? Do you figure that out after you order? I really didn’t let it bother me as much as some people have in their reviews. The menu is tiny compared to the many other Korean BBQ places in the area with maybe 20 choices that include starters, soup, meats, noodles, and hotpots. Some of them items weren’t even in English, only Korean . So I guess I wasn’t going to order any of those things. So I went with the safe bets. Fried pork dumpling was better than most dumplings that you get at every Asian eatery. One side is nice and charred, while the other keeps it’s soft steamed exterior. The skin of the dumpling was uniquely creamy and smooth. Definitely and delicately made in house. Great beginning to a bit of a shaky start.  But the food is what counts right? Not the pomp and circumstance. The waitress then brought out the banchan which is the condiments for the entrees.  They consisted of traditional daikon kimchee, pickled daikon strips, pickled seaweed, sticky rice and strangely, potato salad. Have I been out of the Korean BBQ game so long that I was unaware of the use of a southern picnic staple as a topping? Whatever the case, it worked. And whoever made it really did it justice. Creamy cubes of red potato, diced green  apple and cucumber, boiled egg, and a 80/20 mayo/mustard dressing impressed me. And then came out the main course. A smoke trail from the kitchen to the table as our beef bulgogi was presented. It was as expected. Paper thin slices of Ribeye on a bed of green and white onions. Smothered with a Ginger, garlic and sweet wine sauce. You can tell that it was marinated in the same vein because the meat was packed with flavor. Then it’s grilled at an extremely high temperature and for just enough time to get some char. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and you are in business pal. The waitress was very nice and attentive. However she didn’t have much to do since they was only one other couple in the room. But it was 3 in the afternoon so I gave them a break on the emptiness. I was very pleased with everything, the dumplings were great, the kimchees didn’t overpower as they can sometimes taste too fermented, and finally the beef was very tasty. I’m looking forward to my next visit as they have pork belly marinated in wine on the menu.

Beewon Korean Cuisine – 5100 Dr Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819 – 407.601.7788

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