The Last Meal

Let’s exercise our brains shall we. Here’s a scenario for you. Your about to be executed for some reason we need not get into. Make your own crazy situation up for that. So the warden comes up to you and asks you to give him a list of food that you want to eat as your last meal. What do you choose? I posed this question to a couple of buddies of mine, and their answers were quite disturbing. However, with their high levels of logic I really can’t argue with what they said. Both of them gave similar answer. They both began ranting about why you would want to eat something terrible to remind yourself of how horrible life was so that you would actually welcome deaths sweet embrace. I guess that would make sense from a person that did something worthy of execution. At the end of it all they were just mad at me for even asking such a question. I think that what you choose tells a lot about the person you are, and I guess I’m spot on with these two bitter people. So Tom’s last meal is as follows:

A piece of excrement with a side of razor blades.

Dans last meal would be his own boiled foot.

I suppose to freak everyone out.  I get their reasoning but when I was thinking of this, it was during a wonderful meal of sushi, so I was leaning toward actually eating good tasting things, and not eating either human waste, or your own foot. To each his own. So that perfect meal for me as I’m about to buy the farm is

A trio of fatness. foie gras from Victoria and Albert’s, pork belly from Balthazar and marrow on brioche from Prune.
Veal loin from Joel Robuchon, with wild mushroom risotto (preferably matsutake and porcini) with a little shaved summer truffles.
Basil cheesecake from Sideburns. (It’s the one dessert that always comes back to me. It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve had it but I will think about it every once and again.)

There’s more I could choose from. From dim sum to duck fat fries or maybe Grimaldi’s pizza, but what jumped in my head first is what I selected.

You might steer toward the negative way to eat your last supper. Or you might just think of the most rich and decadent delicacies like me. Some people lean toward comfort food, but there’s no wrong answer. Not even your own foot.


3 thoughts on “The Last Meal

  1. I’m not sure how everything should be prepared BUT:

    Foie Gras
    Lobster from The Palm
    Yellowtail Jalepeno from Nobu
    Spicy Lobster Roll from Seito
    My mom’s mashed potatoes
    Pumpkin Pie
    chunks of pineapple.

  2. Mine is as follows, just off the top of my head.

    Foie Gras from Michael Mina
    Fresh O-toro and Amaebi with the heads and saké from Sukiyabashi Jiro
    Penne a la Vodka from Enzo’s
    My dad’s grilled eggplant, and his prosciutto sandwiches
    Burrata with shaved white truffle from Da Silvano
    Dim Sum
    Stone crabs from Joe’s
    …and a double double animal style from In n’ Out Burger


  3. I’d have escaped by this point, but i would say to your pecent post, Chicken tikka masala. Its an indian dish. My favorite thing to eat ever. And i would want to enjoy my last meal. Mash potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese because they are my comfort foods.

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