Why no dim sum craze

I’ve been thinking alot about food, obviously. But during this economic lull and the forced cutback I have had to enforce on myself you have to find good cheap food. Which is a perfect excuse to eat things like tacos, soul food and at what should be a cultural craze because if nothing else price point, dim sum. I wonder why there hasn’t been a massive influx of Chinese restaurants that give dim sum first billing. You really have to look hard here in central Florida to not only find quality dim sum, but to even find it at all!! Orlando is for the most part the king by default. Tampa has 1 restaurant that Serves dim sum on weekends.these are metropolitan cities with a ton of cultural diversity. The town I work in which is in between the two has none. However if you look at a few Chinese or japanese restaurants you might find a shu Mai or dimpling of some kind. Usually overpriced though.
There is a few gems around the country that I know of at least. New York an San fransisco obviously are leading the charge. L.a has a sizable Chinatown district. Miami is doing it’s thing. I’ve done research an found Chicago to have a few places. But there’s one problem. They mostly only serve it on the weekend and very rarelyduring weekday lunch hour. Can it only be just because of tradition? Because logic dictates the people would enjoy a huge selection of authentic Chinese dishes that are filling and flavorful which only range from 2.50 to 4 a plate. I mean you can get 5 spice duck for 4 dollars. One restaurant in little Vietnam in downtown Orlando serves dim sum all day. It’s simply amazing. It’s a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese with an extensive dim sum menu. If you are ever in town you must go to mings bistro. It’s always on my short list whenever we go out to eat. And you will defineatly not break your bank. A party of 5 1/2 ate for 32$ last trip. We were satisfied but it was a Sunday and they were running cart service which needs to be brought up in another discussion. It’s a very good feeling to walk into a place like mings and see that you’re surrounded by Chinese and Vietnamese families that know what this food is supposed to taste like and choose to eat here. With that said here’s some dim sum from a few of my favorites

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