The P.C.S. Experience

Whenever you visit a city that is known for a specific dish around the world, you would have to be a dining cynic not to seek out a sampling. Even when one is confined to the airport, it’s still possible to find a decent meal if you’re willing to look. In Philadelphia, the specialty is the cheesesteak. the second I exited my plane, I made a beeline for the information booth, where I was directed tithe nearest (and best, in the airport a least) cheesesteak joint. Simply named Philly Cheesesteak & Gyro, the two grill cooks were pumping out cheesesteaks at a furious pace. I took a glance at the menu, and the mushroom cheesesteak with grilled onions and provolone caught my eye. The order was taken and the cooks picked it up in stride, throwing a heaping handful of chopped steak on the grill which resulted in a loud sizzle. On went the mushrooms and onions, and after mixing them well two slices of smoked provolone joined the party. The cook handed me my sando and I headed to the gate, the warmth of my meal sitting nicely in my hand, lettin me know good things were to come. And how right it was, the steak was hot and juicy, the mushrooms were soft and succulent, the onions were sweet, and the cheese, oh the cheese was so molten that it infiltrated every nook of the sandwich, bread, steak, everything. Although I was enjoying this treat in the airport, I wouldn’t have changed my location in the slightest, I was having a cheesesteak, in Philly, and that’s all the mattered. Yes of course it would be nice to go to Gino’s or Tony Lukes, but I can’t complain, a cheesesteak in the Philly airport, is better than having one in any other city.

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