Steak yumms

How’s it going? I’m doing well. Hope the family is treating you nice. I made some steaks for my wife and her parents on Sunday. Just a little thank you for basically raising my child on the weekend while me and the wife frolic/galavant around. Even a nice meal of ribeyes, 1905 salad, baked potatoes and Nicaraguan beer cannot repay baby sitting. But it does not hurt to try. Those 6 day work weeks can be pretty draining, on top of all the other stuff we all have piled on top of one another. So back to the dinner. I thought it would be nice to do the dinner and was contemplating making Bun cha gio. It this really nice dish that has a lot of ingredients and takes a lot of time to make it really spot on. I was really exhausted at the time and as we walked through the grocery store, and I started dreading the process. So I blurted out something along the lines of “let’s just make steaks.”.  I guess that was a good thought because that’s what I did. Two 1 1/2 ribeyes, bone in of course. But here’s where the community discussion comes into play. I don’t have a grill. I do love grilled and BBQ food. But when it comes to steak I like it just thrown in a pan on high heat with a little salt and pepper. Just like I like my hamburgers. How do you feel about that? I think I could make a solid argument as to why cooking steak in a skillet or pan or flat top is better than the grill method. First, grilling gives meat more of that smokey, charred flavor which I feel masks the true flavor of beef. And second, the fat that holds all that rich buttery beef flavor falls through the grates when you use a grill. Using a flat surface causes the meat to basically fester in it’s own drippings. But as always it comes down to what YOUR preference is. And what would that be exactly? By the way “I don’t like/eat beef”, is not an acceptable answer.

8 thoughts on “Steak yumms

  1. I noticed your flawed sentence also. Being a male inclined toward bad grammar and punctuation, I decided not to point it out. On to the article… I somewhat agree with the pan method. Are you using butter or oil or just the natural juices? The only thing I miss from the grill is the charred fat.

  2. I love it simmering in its own juices and paired with strong contrasting external flavors like coffee grounds and a strong starch like garlic mashed potatoes. I like to combine the flavors the way people do with flavored jelly beans. Grilled is not my first choice, but I will never turn down a steak.

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