Joël Robuchon – Las Vegas, NV

How can a restaurant be pretentious when it serves a sliced tomato? No matter how you “slice,” said tomato, it cannot. A tomato is one of the purest, most distinct, and flavorful foods on the earth. From now on I will compare every tomato, or anything else I eat for that matter, to this one restaurant. Simply put, Joël Robuchon, the restaurant that served me that tomato, is unlike any other. Let’s say you’ve never heard of Joël Robuchon, or the legacy he created by winning Michelin star after Michelin star. If you were to walk up to this place, tucked behind rows of penny slot machines in the rear of the MGM Grand casino on the Vegas strip, it may seem very unassuming. If you were to see the menu, whether it be a la carte selections or part of a 16 course tasting extravaganza, you might say, “this looks good, but c’mon, $400 for tomatoes, pea soup, risotto, and granita?” I however am pleased to have a little insight into the experience about to take place. The two gents as well as myself of course, appreciate food, flavors, contrast, and presentation more than anyone I know. Us guys….we get it. That is why I was so appreciative of having this once in a lifetime opportunity to give Master Robuchon complete reign over our palates. I apologize if I don’t go into the wonderful details of every course, but I am telling you, if you ever get the chance, close your eyes, don’t even question any of the flavor combinations, and just sink into the meal. Service….It was the pinnacle of what you would want out of a five diamond/3 star restaurant. The interesting thing, is that it wasn’t even what I expected. I’ve spent some time in some of the best restaurants around the country. At times, you cannot even get comfy because everything is so meticulously watched, and proper. I didn’t feel that here. We sat on plush velvet couches for goodness sakes! I felt like every member of the wait staff wanted nothing more but to keep that smile on our faces. They knew what we were getting ourselves into, and I applaud them for that. With each course we would all agree hands down, this is the best ______ I’ve ever had, and yet, its was so simple. It was like looking for your keys all over you house when they were in your pocket the whole time. But by no means do I think, “I could have made that.” On the contrary, I know that as far as I’m concerned, what was thought up, then created and finally eaten could not have been done by more than a handful of people in the world. You can call it passion for the craft but it’s so much more when you look at all the love we found in this meal…Everyone was in love. This next exchange illustrates what I am trying to get at. The meal was drawing to a close and the waiter asked if we would care for coffee or tea. One of my associates bravely requests the cheese cart, the waiter smiles and sneaks away. A few minutes later, he comes back with a plethora of out of this world cheeses which seem to have all originated from France naturally. As he is describing each of them one by one he has the most gleeful expression on his face. As if to say “I love cheese, and I hope you love it too! I hope you get something extra stinky!” Well we did. The fragrance emitting from the cart was intoxicating. We had to have the most smelly of them all. And when we did, along with a few other selections,… he let out a big grin. This stuff was so ultimately creamy it was melting off the serving spoon. I thought I had loved cheese before, but really I was just fooling myself. However I was stuffed. Oh no! I didn’t finish the cheese. Blasphemous…but someone was hunting my cheese as if he was a shark and my plate was the chum. The one who loved it more than me took my plate and devoured the rest. It reminded me of the first time you feed a child ice cream. Complete bliss. Totally in love. Finally, about the setting itself. The room is about the most gorgeous I’ve ever been in. With soft lighting mixed with vibrant décor, perfectly suited art, and a backdrop of bright green leaves covering the entirety of the far wall, it takes you to a place of pure fantasy. Along with all of that, to be able to enjoy this experience with two very special people in my life who I admire and shared some of the most deep and thoughtful conversation I can recall, needs one and only one more word to be added… Ten

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2 thoughts on “Joël Robuchon – Las Vegas, NV

  1. Hey dude – just saw your link and came here to check you out. Damn, you can eat! There’s enough food porn on this site to fill a library and it seems you’re just getting started.

    Love the steak the most. Rib Eye is my favorite of all cuts, and after years of grilling them to perfection, I’m just starting to appreciate the fine art of pan frying and getting the perfect crust.

    Would love to taste Joél Robuchon’s food some day. He’s a master chef, and I imagine his food rivals that of Thomas Keller in many ways.

    Keep up the blogging, brother. Appreciate your passion, and love to see people enjoying the wonderful world of food. There’s so much out there to taste.

    • Thanks alot Phil. I’m really digging the podcast and hearing about the amazing places in LA that you’ve been. I’m jealous especially of bazaar and ludo bites. There’s more to come here at eataduck so keep in touch. If you ever come to central Florida we will cause a eatonic bomb

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