“Porktures” Speak a Thousand Words

Another trip to Mings brings about more food porn. Even when I’m not hungry, I have to partake. I think Eat a Duck might morph into a photo diary of sorts for the time being. Expect many pics in the near future. Please fill free to share yours as well. What you see here is crispy pork belly, followed by Pork Siu Mai and Shrimp and chive dumplings. The last grainy picture, I sneakily snapped, is the women of Mings keeping it real and hand crafting the dumplings for all to see. It’s great to receive a basket of dim sum that is imperfect in shape. This screams of authenticity. Sometimes you could find yourself with a Monet inspired dim sum feast which I have had the misfortune of experiencing. Looks good from a distance but leaves you feeling hollow and manipulated. But what’s this? A new contender has entered the ring, and it’s name is Mazzaros. This might challenge the Chinese propensity to produce pork products in dominating fashion. We have a taste of Iberico ham which is the one of the most prized and expensive treasures I’ve come across, and it lived up to its reputation. Then there’s  Truffled ham. So let me get this straight. You use pigs for centuries to forage for truffles so you can make bank, and then infuse them with the very ingredient that they are prized for uncovering, just to make them taste even more delicious? This is morally wrong and I couldn’t be more supportive of this practice.

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