Meal of the week

Not too much to say except that we’d love all of you to get involved and leave some comments and feedback. Possiby subscribe to our flog (foodblog) and tell a friend who might not know us. Anything is better than nothing. I think. Today I had some things in my head that I really felt I needed to put on a plate or in a bowl. I could not stop thinking about This spicy Asian tomato garlic sauce. I was watching an old episode of Top Chef  when they were in Singapore and were eating street food as a prelude to a challenge. They sampled many things, but my attention was stirred the most by the chili crab, which had a tomato based sauce. I attempted to create something similar to go with tempura eggplant. Also some scratch made pork shumai and Logans house fried rice with Chinese sausage. Accompanied by jazmint lime iced tea. I hope Kristen liked it. I thought it was acceptable.


One thought on “Meal of the week

  1. Most agreeable 🙂
    Hey, if you guys are interested I’d like to help you with your blog design. Email me if you’re interested and we can work something out.

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