Revelations a la Crumpton

This post isn’t necessarily strictly focusing on food. Sometimes I think it would be beneficial to produce something that strays from the nucleus of what we have got going on here. You see, it seems to me that thinking, and talking about food isn’t the healthiest thing for a person like me. I admit to having a food addiction. Thus, writing about food, restaurants, watching food TV, and recipes on a constant basis does not produce a good environment for my affliction. Especially at this moment where I find myself needing to return to the lifestyle I had produced for myself almost a year and a half ago. After preprocessing my bullet points, I feel this last paragraph to be almost a moot point.

Looking back, I wanted to share some the highlights of 2010, and in a round about way, much of this enjoyment is why I have reached the point I am at now. Please don’t follow my lead and think that you can eat whatever you want at any quantity you can fill your belly with, and not get fatter. No amount of exercise can help you when it comes to excess. Am I a glutton? Hard to say. I suppose I am in some sense of the word. Gluttony is open to discussion based on the interpreter. And to some I would fit that classification.
With that said, I still encourage you to enjoy your lives as I have enjoyed mine so far. Share your love of whatever you choose with those around you, and for goodness sake, cook some meals, and eat some good food as much as you can. Please don’t take my statements to be negative towards gastronomes and foodies. I have a deep love for food. Cooking is my passion. It’s one of the few things I can proudly say I’m good at. Expanding my food palate over the last 15 years has brought so much more appreciation of other cultures into my life. It’s all good. I just have to reel it in at times. A proverbial gut check. (and eat your ruffage)!
What follows isn’t so much a top 10 list as it is a sampling of the highlights of the year that was.

I ate at a lot of new restaurants in 2010. Most of them weren’t very memorable, and this coming from a guy who chronicles his meals through photos. My favorite new restaurants of 2010 are:

Central Florida:

Ciro’s Speakeasy, The Refinery, Dragonfly Izukaya, Bananas Diner, Datz, Ha Long Bay, Tia’s Taco Shack, Ba Le, Natalie’s, Ronin, Mazzaro’s, Taco Express, Taco Truck, Taqueria y Paleteria, Hollerbachs, Cafe 118º


Flip Burger Boutique, Au Pied du Cochon, Antico, Bacchanalia, Abattior, Vortex Burger

New York:

DBGB, Chinatown Brasserie, Crumbs

That’s quite a bit of new places actually. Moving on.

Some of favorite things included: Finding new restaurants with Kristen that we both love. Seeing the surviving members of sublime perform in St Augustine. Teaching my little boy to kick the stuffing out of a soccer ball. Watching one of my favorite new bands Fun, perform at the House of Blues. Spending time as a family at Disney World and riding the people mover more than anyone has ever ridden it. Viewing great cinema: Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Black Swan, The Other Guys, Exit Through the Gift Shop, A Prophet, The Social Network, and of course Yogi Bear.

Super Bowl smorgasbords. All those meals cooked with Kristen, Jimmy, and Ashley. Pushing play on some of my paused friendships. The Aquabats!!! Pithiviers and mille feuilles. Seeing Christopher Walken in “A be-handing in Spokane”. Most of all, spending much needed quality time with my family. Lobsters. Having a wonderful wife who is also the best mother in the stratosphere. Hanging out with my dad and brother more than I had in the last 15 years. Watching my son grow in every aspect. From learning to count to 30 and his ABC’s, to just seeing his vocabulary expand from a few words to complete sentences at 2 years old!! Now to tackle his hatred of food in 2011. What did you do?

5 thoughts on “Revelations a la Crumpton

  1. I liked your post. You seem good, I’m glad. It was nice going to the aquabats with you and playing ball….especially the greatest game ever!! I hope to see more of you this year, You are a long time friend.

  2. Liked the log, finding a good place to eat is like the greatest feeling ever, I have many places I love but my list could go on and no… Taos in vegas is number 1#.

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