The Baconing. Frescos – Lakeland, Fl

Since man began eating well, man has known that pigs taste good. What’s the best part of the pig? Everything. If I had to choose one part, for me the answer is simple. The belly. Attempting to research the origins of bacon and other cured pig parts, I found many different claims of invention. Ranging from prehistoric times to the Romans in 300AD, the British in the 12th century, then jumping over to the French in the 15th century. There are also reports as recent as the 18th century when proper bacon was invented by a chap named Wilson Poopoobiscuit. As accurate as I’m sure the Internet is there are two things that I am sure of:

  1. The Jews didn’t invent bacon.
  2. Without bacon in all it’s forms, the world would be like a never ending Cormac McCarthy novel. (Drawn out and dreary. Leaving little hope for humankind)
  3. Canadian bacon isn’t bacon.

Now I don’t understand why, but about 3 years ago bacon started trending. It doesn’t make sense that something so amazing could have ever lost its popularity. It’s cool to like bacon again. If you watch any kind of cooking, food travel or food competition shows, you’ll see almost every contestant using loads of bacon. It’s quick to cook, versatile and hard to mess up. You can eat it at any meal and is used in virtually every cuisine.

I usually don’t work holidays but today was different. I was one of a few people that volunteered to come in on Veteran’s Day. I told one of the guys who would be working that I’d pick up breakfast. The only place near me was the little bakery/cafe I had just raved over on a previous post called Fresco’s.

Something caught my eye as it seemed strange to be included on the breakfast menu. A BLT. Pure American classic in every way. The one thing that stood out and really catapulted my interest in eating a BLT for breakfast was the garlic aioli that it came with. Fresco’s without a doubt in my mind has come up with the best BLT I’d ever had, and guess what? It only cost 5 bucks. So…they make their own white bread which gets them a nice pat on the back. Then they add a generous stack of crunchy romaine lettuce, followed by two perfectly sized slices of firm beefsteak tomato. The bacon was pretty special too. Thick cut and kind of mashed together to form a patty-like conglomeration. There had to be at least 8-12 slices of bacon to form the super bacon mountain. Perfectly crisp enough that it broke off at first bite but also tender enough so that it didn’t shatter to bits. Then a schmear of that garlic aioli. One bite and it was over for me. I couldn’t even wait to drive the 1 minute from Fresco’s back to work. I finished the whole thing in record time sitting in my car. Like the real man that I am. Here is the one shot I captured before it was too late. Enjoy

If you have any BLT stories, hit us up and we can compare

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