It’s the most comforting time of the year

I am aware that it may be a little late to post but this, I’ve been super busy at work and haven’t had much time to sit and type out my thoughts on the following subject. I hope it’s still fresh in your mind and timely enough.

The one thing every meat-eater is being served or making themselves this season has got to be turkey. It gets shoved down our throats in November and December as if our livers were being fattened for harvesting. What I want to know is, other than the obvious holiday propaganda peddled by turkey farmers nationwide, why is it that this monstrous bird gets placed center stage?

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of whole turkey in its many forms. I do not care for it roasted, smoked or fried. I do however love to use the dark meat ground into a turkey burger or sausage. I’ve also used cutlets and pan roasted them (an older post has a recipe with chimichurri), but to give it to me whole, no thank you sir. I don’t really get much satisfaction in what we all have come to know as traditional holiday food. and turkey in particular is a pass for me. I always find it to be dry and lacking flavor. Sometimes it’s so bad it creates a sawdust and cardboard type consistency on my palate.

I don’t want to be that guy that says no one should have it. Take away the perceived negativity and take my hand, lead me in the right direction, because I want to make it right with all the Turkey loving cliques throughout the land.

Show me the way and gently guide me. I will provide the bird, 100% free range and organic of course, but I need assistance in the execution. No disrespect to anyone that’s ever cooked a ginormous gobbler for me in the past, but I want to try to do one better. Re-reading this for the second time I notice there’s alot of me saying “I don’t”. I don’t want you to think I’m close minded, I take full responsibilty for my errors and request assistance to overcome my struggles.

Where have I and other like minded ones gone astray? Do I brine? Do I baste? Do I entomb it in salt and slow roast? Do I smoke on a bed of hickory?Do I dare stuff? What does stuffing even mean? I’m pleading out of ignorance for your pro tips and tricks, not only for my benefit and that of my poor family, but also to start a nice discussion so that everyone doesn’t have to masked a dry carcass with gloopy gloppy gravy. Which is a whole other topic altogether. Gravy needs to be respected more in my opinion. The same goes with the vegetables cooked with this family centric meals. Taking things out of cans and throwing them in a microwave safe dish and nuking them should be at the very least a misdemeanor. Oh and I hate pumpkin pie. (probably the most offensive thing I’ve ever written to some).

Moving on…

Kristen and I made a rendition of a seasonal type of meal last week. It turned out great both in flavor and speed of preparation. Total cook time was no more than 30 minutes. You don’t have to take off work for 2 days to make this lovely ode to fall. Speaking of plopping things out of a can, my only personal exception is cranberry sauce. To me, a perfectly extruded cylinder of jellied cranberries onto an expensive piece of china is a work of art. We all have our quirks.

This picture is the meal we made. It’s not a huge spread but the flavors are 100% reminiscent of a meal you might have had with your family.

Grilled cranberry turkey sausage, mashed potatoes with scratch made mushroom gravy, buttered baby lima beans, and a hunk of cranberry sauce fresh out of the can.


7 thoughts on “It’s the most comforting time of the year

  1. Looks delicious… And I’ve always had a weakness for canned jellied cranberry sauce. I may have to run to the store and grab a can now. I also agree on turkey. I usually find it unsatisfying and often feel sick if I eat it the day after it was cooked. Recently, however, I did have a perfectly cooked turkey at my adopted dominican mom’s house. I have to get her to check out your blog and share her recipe. I actually had seconds of it which never happens (and thirds of her amazing stuffing). I also would have guzzled down the gravy like water.

  2. I like to roast small turkeys after the holidays when they’re on sale. Cheaper then chicken at around .75 cents per pound. Maybe they’re good because they’re small like most animals. Also a cousin made a turkey in an imu (earth oven) stuffed with pork fat and that was delish.

    • Whoa… Ummmm insanity and beauty is what I just read. Where can I get a whole emu? Even though I’m not a turkey guy per se, I would say the smaller ones taste better, like most tasty creatures

  3. I think I can make out the expiration date on that can of cranberry sauce, stamped into the gelatin. But that’s not a dis- canned cranberry sauce is the way to go (except for that really great cranberry sauce Sara and Ingrid made)

  4. I just roasted a turkey breast and remembered that other than that one turkey I mentioned previously, i do not like turkey. The flavor was fine but the taste of turkey itself does not sit well with me. Or maybe I can only eat dark meat…

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