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The last few months have garnered the highest views in the existence of this small project to keep my mind from stalling out. As I’ve said before, this is an excercise for me, an oppurtunity to put ideas out there, to be part of our food landscape. Along the way, we are sharing the good times we spend at restaurants, as well as the special meals served to family and friends. That’s what has been going on here for over 2 years. I will say that for the most part, I’m extremely proud of just about everything that goes up. That’s probably why I’m not putting up a post eveyday. With all due respect of course, I’m not knocking anyone who has a daily blog. Not speaking for James, but for me, it will continue to be around 1-2 times a week or whenever the time is right to share.

Back to my original thought, I’d just like to say thank you for your continued support, it really gives us the motivation to keep plugging along. Let me say though, after going over some of the earlier entries from the Duck’s archives, some of the posts that I love the most, are the ones that have just a teaspoon of views. Maybe a pinch even. My top 5 (read 6) that you probably haven’t read are as follows:

1. Joel Robuchon – (a life altering meal)

2. The Paris Trilogy: all 3 parts.

3. New York Marathon

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5. Montreal Memories

6. The Last Meal – (I might need to get your feedback and maybe update my list)

These all can be found in the leftovers section at the bottom of the homepage.

The following is my search for Yum-mi Future:

Saturday Kristen and I were grocery shopping and were getting hungry. ‘Twas too late to drive the hour home and make a meal, so we decided to get something quick and portable so we could both eat on the road. Viet-town in Orlando was only a 15 minute drive, and Banh Mi was the consensus by all voting parties. The best Sandwicheria in town by far is Ba Le. It’s a done deal. No questions asked. On our way! Here we go!! I could already taste that freshly baked baguette embracing the wonderfully chargrilled pork and a schmear of pate, accompanied like the woodwind section of an orchestra by a medley of pickled daikon, carrot, cucumber and jalepeno. The conductor that brings everything into perfect harmony is the lemon mayo, so graciously spread like the wings of an angel, topped with sprigs of bright green cilantro that look like little hands waving at you as to say “Hello. Would you do me the honour of devastating me and my delicious friends?” All this for $3.25? This is real.

Or at least it was real at one time. Sadly, Ba Le is closed. How disappointing. Not nessesarily. There is a sandwich shop that took the space that Ba Le once held. Yum-mi Sandwiches has risen like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of its mighty predecessor. Same concept but I’m assuming different owners. Its hipper with better decor and a larger menu. More inviting to a noob. Right off the bat I was really excited and noticed that there were more people inside than I had ever seen at one time in Ba Le. The prices remained the same and the place smelled like baguettes (which should be a cologne at Bloomies).

I ordered 4 sandwiches that totaled $16. I don’t care who you are, that’s a steal.

– The Original with all the fixins

– Pork roll and Pate with all the fixins

– Grilled Beef with all the fixins

– Miss Piggy, again…with all the fixins. A play on the BLT that was made with roasted pork belly (see post: The Baconing)

We opened the sandwiches, trying to decipher which was which. Sometimes it’s hard when everything appears to look the same, and that look was amazing. Just like the original. Upon taking the first bite though, there was one inherant flaw that could not be overlooked. It could be the reason my wife might not go back. I’ll give any place at least 2 shots before I write them off my list. Why oh why did you have to fail me Yum-mi? The one thing that brings this sandwhich together like a conductor directing Vivaldis Four Seasons, was AWOL. You dropped the Baton. You denied me my Lemony Mayonnaise. The fresh bread, the crisp veg, the charred meats, all the good things that were spot on were easily overlooked due to this tactical error. I hope this was a mistake, and you actually DO serve your sandwiches the way they’re supposed to be made and you were just the victim of opening night jitters. Like I said, and I hope someone at Yum-mi Sandwiches is reading this, I’ll give you another shot, but I’m not so sure the bridge can be repaired with the spouse. The menu looks great and so did the sandwiches. I snapped a couple photos.

All this venom spewed and the sandwiches were still gone by bedtime. Maybe I’m splitting hairs? Is that the right phrase? I would recommend Yum-mi to anyone that enjoys Banh mi, or is interested in exploring an easy entrance into Vietnamese food. It’s really good but it could have been great, like its predecessor. Even still, I would urge you to give Yum-mi sandwiches a go. If I didn’t think it was good I wouldn’t have written about the place at all. Since many things were done just right, it would be a shame to travel near the vicinity of Mills and Colonial drive in downtown Orlando, and not stop in for an original Banh mi and a boba tea.

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3 thoughts on “Yum-mi Sandwiches – Orlando, FL

  1. You tricked me! But now I know that gió thù meant that my Banh Mi had headcheese. I don’t know what I am more disgusted about having ate, the headcheese or the mysterious pork roll? I knew that the Vietnamese didn’t make prosciutto!!!!! All in all Saigon Café of Brandon in the Home Depot area was pretty good though. The Pho was great and I’m glad that I at least experienced Gió thù though. Good form.

    • I didn’t trick you, I told you what to order, you just failed to ask what it was. It was delicious wasn’t it? Like I always say, taste is all that matters.

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