Burgers, Fries and…Langoustines?

We’ve written about some strange pairings for burgers lately. Luckily, this time it’s a little more appetizing than Dimethylpolysiloxane. Logan and his wife are up for a visit, and you all know what that means, fantastic meals. Of course, we’re ready to give you all a front row seat to the feast.

As always, the meal planning started just before they arrived. After some discussion, we settled on burgers and fries for our first dinner. You might think it sounds a little ho-hum by Eat a Duck’s standards, but there’s always a twist. It turned out that our local Trader Joe’s was the supplier of a majority of the ingredients. We were surprised to find a nice bag of brioche buns and a tub of not one but two burrata balls, score. A package of Kumato brown tomatoes and a few fresh Haas avocados and we were in business. It really is amazing how a few choice ingredients can turn a dull burger into a gourmet gem, and for about the same price as conventional burger fixin’s. By the way, Trader Joe’s is really getting to be a great place to find specialty ingredients at low prices. Where are you going to find burrata for $2.99? Not Whole Foods that’s for sure!

Any self-respecting burger needs some sides, and we prepared a couple of winners, garlicky buffalo fries with blue cheese dressing and freshly chopped celery, and langoustine and avocado tempura with sriracha mayo and chives.

Fries, langoustines & avocado

After mixing in some onion, salt and pepper to the ground beef, Logan cooked the patties to perfection, leaving them with a nicely caramelized sear. The buttered and toasted brioche buns served as the vehicle for our choice of toppings. I built a kind of Italian burger with a couple healthy slices of burrata, Kumato tomatoes, some nice avocado slices, a shmear of local mayo and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Burrata, kumato, avocado burger

This paired surprisingly well with the spicy langoustines, which had more of an Asian flair. The sauce was a combination of the same local mayo, mixed with Thai sriracha, garlic and a squeeze of meyer lemon juice. The whole meal was a savory, spicy, creamy, multicultural affair. It was a blast to cook and even more fun to eat. We’ve got one more dinner planned so watch out for that soon. Until next time!

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