Noobie Foodies

It’s time we had a little talk about being adventurous, with your stomach. In this huge world of ours, there are so many incredible cuisines, dishes and flavors to sample, so why would anyone limit themselves to a handful of familiar items? Well I’m going to try to get down to the deep recesses of the mind, to figure out why people are so wary of trying new things. We’ll suggest some things that will help ease your way into more exotic foods and even let you in on a few of our favorite places to find them. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something here that you never thought you’d like!


So where does the tendency to shy away from new foods come from? Well as children, most of us were picky eaters. For some reason, despite the fact that they have no prior experience with food, they seem to be absolutely convinced that they won’t like anything new. Sadly this trend has lingered with some people as they’ve grown older. For some it’s a visual thing, “ew that LOOKS gross so it must TASTE gross”. When you really think about it, this line of thinking is just silly. Say you’d never seen chocolate pudding before, and had no preconception of what chocolate was, would a wobbly, dark brown, glob sitting in a bowl really look appealing to you? Or maybe texture is what gets you, “this feels like snot going down my throat!”. People have so many reasons to refuse what’s on the plate, when all that really matters, is taste. The first step toward enjoying a new food is to take that leap and just try it for goodness sake. What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like it? Big deal. 

However that brings us to another issue. How many times have you heard, or even uttered these words yourself, “oh I’ve tried (insert strange unknown food-stuff) at (insert sub-par eatery here) before and I do not like it”. Well there’s your problem. Take lobster for example, not too exotic, but if your first experience with lobster was at Red Lobster, and you think you hate it, I can’t accept your judgement. Go down to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, or the West coast of Florida, or Boston where they know their way around a crustacean and tell me you hate it. That’s like saying you know you don’t like cheeseburgers after you once had one microwaved for you at 7/11. 

But eating new foods is not a purely selfish endeavor. I’m sure most of you know the feeling of working hard to cook a nice meal for your family or some close friends and having them tell you how delicious it all was. Well then just imagine someone from Japan, or Germany, or India, who cooks all day everyday, this is their life, they put their soul into their food. The fact that you, an outsider, might have the courage to waltz into their joint and try something new, not to mention enjoy it, will make their day, heck it might even make their year! Nothing compares to the joy you feel when people truly enjoy your food. 

Alright, so where do you go to get the good stuff, I’m talking escargot, uni, bone marrow, chicken feet, foie gras, octopus or live scallop sashimi, caviar, sweetbreads! Now I hope you all know we’d never suggest anything that we didn’t believe to be anything but delicious, we’re all about taste here at Eat a Duck. Here’s a list of places to get you started, now get out there and have yourself an adventure!

Lengua Quesadillas – Tampa Taco Bus • www,
Fried Chicken Gizzards – Salems •
Fried frogs legs, pork belly, oysters – The Ravenous Pig •
Chargrilled octopus – Keegan’s Seafood •
Uni – Uni Sashimi Bar •
Caviar – Petrossian Bar •
Foie Gras – Michael Mina •
Escargot – Leunig’s Bistro •
Bone Marrow – l’Express •

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