The West Egg Cafe – Atlanta, GA

Those who know me, know that breakfast isn’t my favorite meal of the day, It’s not even in my top 3. So if a breakfast joint catches my attention, it has to be doing something right. So to keep the march of recent Atlanta eateries moving along, I present you with The West Egg Cafe. Located just a stones throw away from two more Atlanta stalwarts, the recently mentioned Abattoir, and Antico, the west egg is serving up classic southern breakfast, without the frills. Now when you hear the word “classic”, it can bring to mind tired, old food that’s been done over and over. You’ve had all this stuff before, tall stack of pancakes, a breakfast sandwich, maybe some grits and eggs. Yeah, boring, doesn’t sound like the usual excitement you’ve all come to expect from Eat a Duck. However, The West Egg succeeds in this realm, and managed to bring an eye-raising experience to the humble first meal.
This is going to be a tough one, because there’s really nothing showy or flashy that I can point out for you to explain why it’s so good. Let’s just get to the food shall we, because let’s be honest, that’s why you’re all here. Upon entering the space, it feels like you’re in an old renovated service station or something. Lot’s of concrete, steel girders, industrial lighting and such. Very chic, hipsters lurk in the corners, sitting on couches that look like the ones your grandma used to have. Up front, they’ve provided a coffee and pastry bar to sate the hunger of the dozens of waiting patrons. A case of cupcakes and whoopie pies seemed to catch the attention of the smallest in our party. Something else caught Logan’s eye, homemade pop-tarts, uh…yes please. I have to say, I really enjoy it when restaurants make little snacks available to you while you’re waiting for the main event.

West Egg entrance & menu

 We were seated on the patio and began to peruse the menu. You can tell the owners took pride in the design of their establishment, the menu is actually interesting to look at and well designed like everything else. Plus, if you’ve got older people in your party, there will be no need for reading glasses. There are many interesting choices to be had, many of which involve their signature pimiento cheese spread. They seem to be fond of this stuff as it’s included in every other menu item. Since we were planning a big dinner marathon that night, I wanted to stay on the light side. The first thing that caught my eye (since it was in enormous letters) was the build your own biscuit option. Yes, breakfast biscuits are a simple item, you wouldn’t expect to be wowed. I sprang for the turkey sausage, cheddar and egg biscuit, Logan chose bacon and my wife went for the veggie sausage.

This biscuit is what did it for me, each of the components was seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. The biscuit was buttery and fluffy inside, with that little salty bite on the crust. The sausage was tender and juicy, and had the most amazing spice, exactly the way a good country sausage should be. The egg, which seems to always be a filler on most biscuits, was well seasoned and actually added some nice flavor. They had melted a generous slab of cheddar over everything so that it penetrated every nook and cranny.

Logan wanted to sample a little more of the menu, so he picked up the picnic plate. This consisted of the aforementioned pimiento cheese spread with some sesame seed crackers, maple glazed ham, pickled okra and deviled eggs slathered with a maple bacon jam. I don’t like deviled eggs by any means, but these, these were good, I mean…bacon jam, enough said.

They don’t use fancy ingredients and there’s no three star chef in the back using high-end techniques. It’s just quality ingredients, cooked exactly right with no funny business. What more could you ask for? This article doesn’t do it justice, so when you go to Atlanta, just do me a favor and get yourself a biscuit at The West Egg Cafe.

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