Subs ‘n Such – Lakeland, FL

It was an extra hot day, such is the norm in Florida in June. A day that made me sweat so grotesquely that it was leaking into my eyes and stinging me like a squirt of sriracha to the face. I was getting ready to leave for my next stop on my route, sorting things out and trying not to faint, when a couple geezers drove up next to me while I was in the middle of road. I’m no street-walker, I’m a business man. Nevertheless, I found myself approaching the car with trepidation. They had just pulled out of the newest antique shoppe and almost hit a closed eyed squinter man on a bicycle selling roof insurance. It was clear to see they were out of sorts. Lost in a sea of unknowing. Neither of them resembled Nicolas Cage as they didn’t seem to have any answers to their own questions. The driver rolled his window down and asked if I could give him directions to a new convenience store that boasted an array of submarine sandwiches, sweet tea and sundries, the likes of which have never been seen by our naive Floridian eyes. I literally could have thrown their frail, flaccid bodies across the main drag and right into the coveted halls that house Subs ‘n Such. I said, as I was blinded by the sun flares bouncing off the hood of his late-model Mercury Grand Marquis, “Sir, the best sandwich in town is literally across the street.” (Pointing toward the direction that shates the name of Kanye’s baby… Northwest.)

Obviously I’m not receiving information from the same media sources as these two people, but what kind of nincompoop is giving glowing reviews to a gas station sandwich?

Subs ‘n such doesn’t need technology. It doesn’t need press. All they need to keep the locomotive plowing down local competition, is testimony from all the die-hard repeat customers they have served over the last 37 or so years. You most definitely don’t need a schmuck like me attempting to recreate and describe in detail the anatomy of a well produced sandwich. Instead, I’d like to share a visual timeline from my countless visits to this little piece of Lakeland’s gastro-heritage.

Subs 'n Such Spread

There you have it. A serious shrine to Lakeland’s best sandwich shop. There’s one in every city in the country. Some are better than others. Subs ‘n Such is never to be missed. You got that old man?

Subs N Such on Urbanspoon

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