The Gallows – Boston, MA

The Gallows was a recommendation from Logan on our trip to Boston.  This place was a little out of the way for us, so we had to take the Silver Line bus (Diana’s first time on a public bus!) but it was definitely worth it.


First, I have to explain how this restaurant has harnessed technology.  We arrived sans reservation and were informed it would be a 45 minute wait.  The hostess asked for my phone number and said that when a table was ready, I would be texted.  That’s already cool enough, but you’re sent a text immediately that sends you to a website that shows you exactly how many parties are ahead of you.  So we stood outside and as people filtered, we’d refresh the page and slowly watch the number go down.  It was very exciting for me, I thought it was a great idea.

So we finally get in and the menu looks amazing. I want it all. I ordered The PEI mussels in coconut lobster broth with kaffir lime leaf and fried chilis. What a revelation.  A delicious twist on the tried and true white wine mussel sauce. It was a little sweet, a little tart, and left me wondering what was in it besides coconut lobster broth.  It in no way overpowered the mussels, and the fried chilis were a perfect addition of heat to this well-rounded dish.

Gallows mussels and kale salad

I also ordered the kale salad with smoky grilled corn, queso fresco, avocado, and chili popcorn.  This dish was perplexing.  At first, I thought the popcorn was gratuitous. But when the salad is eaten without it, you notice that something is missing. That bit of crunch, bit of heat to round out the mildness of the almost wilted kale. I will say, I wish the corn and avocado were more present, they were at the bottom of the dish, but maybe that’s my fault for not mixing it up.  I was too distracted by the chili popcorn.

Gallows lobster buns

Diana ordered the heirloom tomatoes with herbed cloumage cheese and curried crispy shallots.  The cheese was basically tzatziki, (not saying that’s a bad thing because it was crazy delish) and made for a remarkably refreshing and simple dish.  Almost a palate cleanser, a perfect appetizer. The tomatoes were delicious, really juicy and had the right amount of salty compensation. She also got grilled short rib tacos with napa cabbage slaw, nuoc cham, sesame aioli, sriracha, aromatic herbs. They were really light and flavorful with a kick from the sriracha. I’d recommend eating them fast because she left one for after her salad and the tortilla got all soggy and ripped apart.

Gallows heirloom tomatoes and short rib tacos

The Gallows describe themselves as “loud and welcoming” and that is completely accurate. A simply, yet well decorated restaurant with clean lines and nice soft lighting.  It made for a nice night out that we were able to dress up for!

The Gallows on Urbanspoon

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