Apocalypse Cow: Prologue


Not long ago, we published the results of our exhaustive competition to determine the bay area’s most delicious Cubano. The #Apuercolypse Tour was a mathematically charged, statistic based taste exploration into what makes this much loved sandwich truly great. We did our best to put personal bias aside, in order to crown the true champion based on the cold hard (or in this case piping hot and tender) facts.

If a Cuban sandwich was a baseball player, our champion would be a 5 tool superstar. That winner happened to be Dochos Concessions, and if you’ve yet to eat one of their amazing sandwiches, your mouth-hole is missing out.

So where do we go from here?

We hemmed and hawed for weeks to come up with a worthy follow up to such an epic event. Finally we landed on a classic, the hamburger.  Meat, cheese, bun, simplicity at its finest, yet everyone does it so differently. Who has the best Hamburger in your town? In many towns the answer might be obvious, but Tampa’s top burger is not so easily decided.

We are a collective group of experts on all things that taste good. We have different styles and viewpoints, but if anything can move us to fall in line, not unlike the kids of Voltron, it’s the love of a great hamburger.

Logan – Eat a Duck extraordinaire, the yin to his own yang and hater of all things American…Cheese.  No, really, he hates the stuff.
Jimmy – Eat a Duck’s photo blaster and California ex-pat. He likes his double double animal style and don’t you dare hit that thing with lettuce!
Chris – Tasting Tampa’s newest compadre and lover of the junk burger. The more on top, the merrier for this heavy hitter.
Kurt – Tasting Tampa’s newest evil leader. He loves the classics, and by classic we mean with bacon and fried eggs and maybe some foie. Luxury has never looked so good.
Todd – Tasting Tampa’s founder here in spirit, because San Diego is a long long way away. Offering advice and overseeing our junket.

These 4 men and one in spirit are setting out on a quest of glory and greatness to seek out the one true burger above all other burgers. There will be danger and anguish, heartbreak and pain (well heartburn and pain), there will be much meat.

Therefore, on this, the eighth day of November in the year 2014, we will declare it to be Apocalypse Cow!

Our newest food crawl will pit 12 unique bay area spots in an all-out rumble for burger greatness. We’ve compiled this list from our own experiences, tireless research and a heaping helping from you, the readers. With our focus solely on the bay area, we made sure not to include chains or establishments with locations out of town. This way, our winner will be truly local, the undisputed burger king of Tampa. To even the playing field, we’ll be judging based on the execution of 6 key components, each with its own value of importance. Luxury won’t be enough to win the day, it’ll be fantastic ingredients, cooked with care, assembled with skill and executed to perfection.

Let the burger games begin!

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