American Edam: The Glorious Rise of Dairy’s Greatest Achievement – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Show Affection for Administered Lactosian Creations.

American Edam: The Glorious rise of dairies greatest achievement- or How I Learned to cease

Possible Distressing and show Affection for administered manufactured lactosian creations.

Really. I love cheese- Love love LOVE LoVe IT~~~!!! For uncounted decades I have done so unabashedly.

I however ,discpunted the use of Amercan chess cheese used in the culinary cooking community. You could say my.

Love is blind. Seriously guys this times im tell no lie.

For real this time you have to listen to me on this one. If you don’t believe me I fear that maybe

Our little ship has sailed. That is one scenario that the love of cheese has caused me to entertain.

Or………..…………………………………………………………..…………………………………….there are

Large organizations that have continually tried to brainwash the general public for what reason!

Simply put, we are all sheep. Mankind has become a delish secretion of figurative Manchego.

Ypu by know no that I DISCOUNTED the stuff every kraft single chance Ive got especially when it has to do with the HAMBURGER or I guess I should say #CHEESEBURGER or like I affectionaly call it my “lifeforce” LOL :-/ anyway I really LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese and I used to neverconsider OVER prosessed plasticky stuff you get @ grocery stores wrapped IN cellophane


cheese they actually call it “CHEESE” product if that is ANY indication on what it really is, – one quote I got from A famous news sourse “ said “American” CHEESE makes the BURGER go down better “ great point and that’s why I have changed my tune- or should I say MY opinion is more toward the side of it being the MOST awesome protein forword FOOD known to man and for the simple fact AND that this passed paragraph may have been sponsored by The AMERICAN cheese “association” and  for the simple fact EVERY “7” years our taste bros change which means im due SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now you know the story of cheeseandIf YOU~~~~~ love cheese two just let me know!!!” 🙂


If YOU are like me, you ARE a person READING something good, and are AN Awesome Person Really IIntuitive Lover of taste too. I am not being FacetiOus lOyaL readerS…this is my STORY.

Here are some ways I like eating American Cheese1. On a

burger preferably protein forward.

2Eat American cheese with 8 finger nibbles of water either on the rocks or neat.

#.While drinking chardonnay but only in modern Italian restaurants such as Olive Garden, etc…

  1. (I order veal meatballs with shop rite yellow American cheese but when I put it to my nose it smells too lamby
  2. 5iveCurated funky entrees, kissed with a pungent showering of Xerox 10000 weight sliver of pickled bread and butter loquats.

Six- At a pizza places.

The following is my review of the newest Pizza joint out in South North dale in the greater Carrilwould  Carollwood village: the ONLY pizza place brave enpugh to serve american cheese exclusively on their pizza.

Little Nero’s – The slice Master

“Fantabulous charred dredge discuses, over and done with a punchy tomate pottage. The carte du jour vestiges scullery headlong by means of a thorough spreadable meat programe. The “Zah” was dashingly embellished at that juncture freckled by Punky Brewster herself,  the woman in question.” The infinitesimal moment I enquired for American cheese confrontationally positioned o’er my non orbicular nourishment rissole, the member of staff serving at table vulgarly said “no sire I’m remorseful we do not hoard that constituent.”


Food -4 Stars

Service – 4 Stars

Atomosphere – 4 stars

Bathroom ambient lighting – 1 Star

Overall I rate this joint 1 Stars. Couldn’t get passed the lighting part.

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